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Welcome home to IKEA Festival

IKEA Festival may have ended, but we can still celebrate all the ways we live our lives at home—the weird, the wonderful, the real. Explore highlights and our top product picks from some of our favourite festival moments.

    In the studio with Ilse Crawford

    See the London studio of Ilse Crawford—designer, author and Creative Director of Studioilse — and hear her thoughts on home and timeless design.

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    Going circular with Paul Svensson

    Visit the home and kitchen of Swedish chef Paul Svensson where we learn more about every day, no-waste cooking — making great food out of the stuff hidden in the fridge and drawers. We also get a lot of tips and tricks from one of the best. And we get to know some of the oldest and strangest things Paul has ever eaten.

      Home concerts: Dot.

      Watch Dot., who first gained her following from YouTube videos filmed from her bedroom in Delhi, perform from home in Cardiff, Wales.

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      Cook like a K-Pop star with Sheila Zhang

      Follow Sheila as she makes Rabokki, a spicy Korean dish with ramen noodles and rice cakes.

        How to prioritise play at every age

        Through play we connect, create, recharge, escape and explore. Check out this Kitchen Talk to learn more about the importance of play, according to leading experts.

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        Experience the full IKEA Festival

        Looking for more? Launch the full experience for over 24 hours of exclusive videos, featuring MØ, Arlo Parks, DIMSIMLIM and many more.