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Your checklist for personalised gifting needs

It's that time of the year again when celebrations unfurl in full swing. Here are some must-haves that we have chipped in, so you don't miss out on anything.

Classy glassy decor

Did you know that your daily glass jars could take center stage this season? Just deck them up with patterns and lights, and voila! Chic decor pieces come to life.

    We used some flower power to create eye-popping decor, but you can use your favourite motifs!

    An eco-friendly fiesta

    Brighten your homes with hand-made paper lanterns and bask in the glory of sustainability. Light on your pocket as well as the planet, they are super easy to make and personalise.

      Involve your kids for some extra fun and get the party started with your finishing touches!

      Out of the box, inside the basket

      Usher in the warmth with heartfelt exchanges. Personalised gift baskets are the new, trendy entrants that add a dash of grandeur to your last-minute packing!

        Instead of using wrapping paper, let our four baskets do the heavy lifting. Why mask it, when you could basket?

        House Warming Special

        Tea Lover's Pick

        Pamper Hamper

        Mini Garden