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Ideas to make your home more enjoyable

Healthy, safe and clean living

Now more than ever is when your home needs utmost care. Your home is your workspace, your yoga center and so much more than it was before. Care for it by bringing the right tools in place. Nothing feels better than crisp sheets, clean floors, and healthy air.

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Bring outdoors, indoors

Use plants and greenery to soften the lines between in and out. See how you can transform the look and feel of a room by inviting more of nature. Growing plants is a joy in itself, even better when they’re edible. It calms you down and makes for a great view from within.

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Stay at home DIY projects

A little escapism from the usual can make way for joy. What we see can affect how we feel, and it only takes a few small things to create a happy vibe. While we’re all spending a lot of time at home, let’s look beyond a home. Some textiles, cushions, lamps to create your own movie theater or layering up bedsheets to camp in your room. We can do more with our space, let’s take a second look to recreate endless possibilities at home.

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Work-life balance, at home

As more of us are splitting time between desks and dishes at home – a healthy work-life balance becomes important. Make your own breakaway spots to do what feels good. Reconnect with nature, pick up a book you love, make staying in entertaining with movie night. Feeling good, works better.

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Create your own breathing space

Open up your mind with open space. Spend a night under the stars with your better half or go all out for an outdoor (your patio) family brunch at home. Staying in, is the new going out. If two is a crowd, add some floor cushions, a hot cup of coffee or a chilled lemonade and spend some time in your own company. Breakaway from your daily routine with a much-deserved break.

A playground at home

Playing is easy, and the kids will love you to join. Why not open a café, raise piglets, or build the longest railroad? Whatever toys, crayons, and costumes you provide, fantasy will do the rest. Choo, choo – let the fun begin!

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Make your workspace work at home

Working and studying long hours at home is different, but it shouldn’t be difficult. With smart planning, everybody in your family could have a comfortable, undisturbed space of their own to concentrate. Let us show you how.

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A family get together, everyday

With extra time for preparations, you can make every meal a feast! Rediscover those old-time recipes, soak the beans overnight, and let the steak slow-cook to perfection. When dinner is ready, there’s plenty of time to enjoy both the food and the company.

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A clutter-free home that you always imagined

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When everything in your home has a place, you become more mindful of the things you have. Sharing a place can be fun, but at the end of the day, everyone needs a space to call their own. Maximise every nook and corner of your home by storing smart and organising better.