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Tips for healthy and green living

Green boost- Boost your energy with healthy greens.

Start your day with a big shot of energy. Drink a smoothie made with green fruit and veggies rather than coffee or tea. A smoothie is full of vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system -making you feel fresh and healthy!

    Bathing the senses - Immerse yourself in the calm warmth of a relaxing bath.

    Treat all your senses when you take a bath. Add soothing scent, calming flavours and mood lighting to your tub time for a multi-sensory experience. It's a simpleself-care ritual that leaves you completely relaxed.A popular favourite on cold Swedish winter nights!

      Swim wild - Soak in the sensation of being one with the water.

      Jump in a lake, pond, river, sea or ocean – swimwear optional. Let the cold, natural water energise and empower you in a way like no other.

        Everyday rituals for a better everyday life

        There’s nothing like greeting a brand-new day with a life-affirming ritual that gives you energy, improves your mood and sets your intentions for the day. 

        Explore everyday ritual

        Power month- Move your body and cherish the results.

        Get fit without the gym – use what you have at home! Set a 30-day challenge for yourself, plan and track your workouts on the board. Keep up your streak and crush your fitness goals.

        Pot of love- Savour the connection with friends, heart and belly.

        Nothing beats hot soup on a cold day. Hotpot is a Chinese communal cooking method and a great way to share comfort food together. Gather around the table and add your favourites to the boiling pot in the middle. The flavour of the soup base deepens with each ingredient added – including your love.

        Squeeze the day- Revitalise body and mind with every sip

        Give each day a fresh start. Cleanse your body with a glass of lemon water before you even leave the bed. This simple act will have your body thanking you for the rest of the day