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Saving water

Tap into more ways to use less water with IKEA ELVERDAM kitchen tap that reduce water consumption by up to 40%.

Tapping into more ways to use less water

Experts say that less than three percent of the water on Earth is fresh water. We can all contribute to conserving this precious, shared resource. That’s why we offer kitchen taps, such as ELVERDAM, that reduce water consumption by up to 40%, bathroom taps that reduce consumption up to 50%, and we have improved the water efficiency of many of our dishwashers and washing machines.

Every drop counts

To help save water while doing the dishes by hand, we have developed GRUNDVATTNET range of sink accessories. Simply fill up the washing-bowls with water instead of keeping the tap running. You’ll be using much less water than before.

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Good to know
By turning off the water while brushing your teeth you can save up to 40 litres of water every day.

Water and energy saving showers

All our showers are equipped with water and energy-efficient shower heads and hand held showers. This is achieved by having a flow regulator, which reduces the water flow. Even though it delivers less water, you won’t notice any difference in the water pressure. You’ll save up to 30% water and energy compared to a shower without a flow regulator.

Everyone deserves a refreshing shower experience every day. And what can be more revitalising than knowing you can save water (and money on your water and energy bills) at the same time?


The showers consume up to 30% less water and energy compared to a conventional shower that doesn’t have a flow regulator.

See BROGRUND shower

Did you know?
IKEA is just as committed to using water efficiently.

Find out how in Circular & Climate Positive