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Healthy living

Making a healthy life an easy choice

What does being healthy mean to you? For us, it’s about making smart everyday choices that are good for both your body and the environment. It’s about taking the bike instead of the car in your daily commute and activities. It’s about a day at your desk that’s actually good for your body and energy levels. It’s about the joy of seeing the seeds you planted grow into a mini-garden - because, in the end, even the small changes make a big difference.

A woman taking a bite of a pulled salmon sandwich.
We are proud to present these delicious salmon balls – a newcomer in our much-loved family of (m)eatballs.

Salmon, a good part of a healthy diet

We are proud of our Swedish heritage and would like to inspire you to taste our responsibly sourced and deliciously prepared salmon dishes. Salmon makes for a tasty meal and a good part of a healthy diet. A couple of servings of fish every week, particularly the fatty kinds like salmon, will add important nutrients to your diet. Make sure to try our salmon balls – the newest member of our child-friendly (m)eatball family, up till now consisting of Swedish meatballs, chicken meatballs and the plant-based veggie balls – next time you visit your IKEA Restaurant.

Jerusalem artichoke purée and crisps garnished with black seaweed pearls.

Making pearls from seaweed

Our seaweed pearls have a good texture, rich colour, a great taste and consistency similar to traditional caviar. Seaweed pearls are made from kelp and are a pure vegetable product.

Get a taste for SJÖRAPPORT seaweed pearls

Try our 100% plant-based veggie balls, they are a more sustainable option to our iconic meatballs.
Meet our iconic hot dog’s new friend – the more sustainable, 100% plant-based veggie hot dog!

Veggies with attitude, even the kids love

Our delicious veggie balls and flavour-packed veggie hot dog make sustainable eating easy – and you won’t need to remind the family to “eat their greens”.

But why create plant-based options? First of all, because we think more sustainable food should be delicious and affordable, and we want to make it easier to make better everyday choices. Also, plant-based foods need fewer resources, while making a smaller carbon footprint. Apart from the fact that ingredients like kale, lentils, quinoa and onions are high in nutrition, fibres and proteins. Join us in our effort to make more planet-friendly food choices and try some veggie balls – or become acquainted with the veggie hot dog in our IKEA Bistro, next time you visit.

Get the vegetable ball rolling with ALLEMANSRÄTTEN

Let’s get nuts, with oats you can drink

MUNSBIT is a series of energy-boosting snacks and smoothies that are perfect for keeping your tummy happy – whether you’re relaxing at home, or are on the go. MUNSBIT oat smoothies are non-dairy and plant-based.

Try the new healthy flavours of MUNSBIT series

Display of two bottles with apple/pear and blackcurrant/blueberry oat smoothies, shown together with glasses filled with smoothie.
Wraps with smoked salmon shown together with a bag of natural nuts mixed with berries and raisins.

Grow your indoor garden, all year round

So you think you can’t garden because you live in small spaces? With our indoor gardening kits, seeds, added nutrients and cultivation light, you can grow your own crispy lettuce and tasty herbs anywhere in your home. Even in the winter.
Hydroponics lets you grow plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.

A mini-garden at home

Help the colour bloom inside your home with the simple SOCKER series - a clever, functional and decorative series for creating your own green spots at home. Whether for flowers, herbs or vegetables, the series includes a beautiful greenhouse, plant stands, a watering can and much more - letting you add greenery and maybe something good to eat.
A woman standing by a height adjustable white desk and beside the desk a black trolley with three shelves.

Take a stand

No more long days just sitting and working. We’ve rethought what makes for a healthier way to be your productive best. With our BEKANT and SKARSTA work desks, you can find your comfort zone by adjusting to different heights for either sitting or standing. Alternating between these positions is proven to help you both work and feel better.

See BEKANT work desk

See SKARSTA work desk