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Good Cause campaigns

Let’s Play For Change campaign graphics – cubes with childish patterns in different colours

Join the play movement!

Play is a universal language that unites us all, no matter where you come from.When people play together they connect, learn, grow and have fun. Many peopleare not aware that play is a basic need, and that every child has a right to it underthe UN conventions on the Rights of the Child. So it makes sense that we want tohelp find ways to play more! One way is through our yearly campaign Let’s Play forChange as well as through the work of the IKEA Foundation and its partners.

The IKEA Foundation has partnered with some of the most prominent NGOs on thistopic: Handicap International, Room to Read, Save the Children, Special Olympics,UNICEF, and War Child, focusing on creating safe spaces for vulnerable children toplay and develop.

Read more about IKEA Foundation

Three girls having fun skipping rope in the sunshine.

"Every child has the right to play. Stimulation through play is a critical part of a young child’s brain development and emotional wellbeing, Sadly, there are too many places around the world where devastating circumstances prevent children from simply being ‘kids’. We want to alleviate challenges to play and development in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, while helping build a global movement around play."

Per Heggenes, CEO at IKEA Foundation.

The iwitness global citizens programme

This programme gives IKEA co-workers a chance to see first-hand how the money raised through IKEA good cause campaigns contributes to a better life for children in the world’s poorest communities. Co-workers visit various projects run by IKEA Foundation partners, and share their experiences on IKEA Foundations’ Global Citizens blog.

IKEA Foundation Blog