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IKEA unveils exclusive new collaborations at Democratic Design Day 2018

IKEA unveils exclusive new collaborations at Democratic Design Day 2018

• All upcoming collaborations for 2018/2019 were showcased, including those from Virgil Abloh and SONOS

• Announcement of brand new partnerships for 2020 include adidas, LEGO and Area Academy

• New collections feature collaborations with designers including Teenage Engineering, Per B Sundberg and Sarah Andelman

IKEA has announced exciting collaborations with world renowned artists, fashion and tech designers from across the world at Democratic Design Day 2018.

The annual global media event celebrates all that is unique about the IKEA Democratic Design process, which is based on five pillars: Form, Function, Quality, Sustainability and Affordability. Every single product that IKEA produces must meet these five pillars. The event is a global platform for launching exciting collaborations and collections as well as announcing partnerships with Social Entrepreneurs projects.

IKEA has revealed a range of innovative collaborations due to launch in 2020 including adidas, LEGO, Area Academy and 3D printing manufacturers UNYQ. Other collaborations include solar product manufacturers Little Sun and Stefan Dietz who is an expert in developing creative workspaces.

IKEA is passionate about working with external designers and experts from different industries, so they can draw on their experience in order to create ranges that respond directly to current trends and fuse various influences to give customers cutting-edge design.

In addition to the future announcements, IKEA were delighted to unveil details on the following collaborations for 2018/19/20:

• FREKVENS – A new range of portable speakers and light systems that are perfect for spontaneous parties, co-created with Teenage Engineering. Launching in July 2019.

• FÖREMÅL – A fun and figurative collection of maximalist art, created in collaboration with iconic Swedish artist Per B Sundberg. Launching in September 2018.

MARKERAD – Collaboration with Virgil Abloh that takes furniture classics and turns them into statement pieces. Launching in November 2019.

• SYMFONISK – An all new wireless sound range, created in collaboration with SONOS. Launching in 2019.

• FÖRNYAD – A collaboration with Colette founder Sarah Andelman and Craig Redman, known for his egg-shaped alter ego to bring their fun patterns to iconic products, such as FRAKTA and KLIPPAN. Launching in June 2019.

• IKEA ART EVENT 2019 – A collection of unique and statement rugs, designed by eight contemporary artists from across the world. Launching in May 2019.

• TÄNKVÄRD – A collection that explores a more sustainable and fluid way of living, featuring textiles and furniture made with natural materials. Launching in April 2019.

• ÖVERALLT - IKEA has partnered with ten designers from seven countries across Africa, who come from a variety of different fields to create a unique collection that is inspired by modern urban rituals. Launching in May 2019.

• ANNANSTANS – A collaboration between Swedish textile designer Martin Bergström and social entrepreneurs in rural India, Romania and Thailand to create a contemporary collection with bright patterns. Launching in February 2019.

• RUMTID – Inspired by NASA, this collection is designed to meet the needs of urban, small space living. The launch is planned for 2020.

For more information on all of these ranges, please see below and by visiting:


A collaboration that explores the world of sound and music is FREKVENS, a portable music collection co-created with Stockholm-based audio tech company, Teenage Engineering.

The limited-edition collection, launching in July 2019, consists of speakers and light systems to ensure a spontaneous party can be thrown just about anywhere.


As part of IKEA’s vision of making art accessible to the many, IKEA has teamed up with iconic artist Per B Sundberg to create a figurative, fun and sometimes absurd collection - FÖREMÅL. The ceramics and glass virtuoso is passionate about exploring materials and craft, designing part of the collection on the factory floor by picking and mixing what he found on the shelves.


Virgil Abloh, men’s artistic director of Louis Vuitton and founder of Off-White, has teamed up with IKEA to create MARKERAD.

The limited-edition range is a collection of first home must-haves that don’t force individuals to compromise on who they are and is characterised by statement pieces that challenge tradition. Launching in November 2019 the collection focuses on taking furniture classics and elevating them to another level, whether that’s putting a doorstop on the legs of a chair or a glass cabinet that’s transparent on all sides.


Leading sound experts SONOS have partnered with IKEA to create an all new sound range, SYMFONISK, launching in 2019. With research revealing that for many people music is a crucial ingredient to boost their mood at home, the collaboration’s aim is to create a great sounding wi-fi speaker designed to be beautifully integrated within the home.


IKEA will also be teaming up with Colette founder Sarah Andelman and founder of renowned design collective Rinzen, Craig Redman to create a limited-edition collection that fuses fun and fashion. The range has been designed with students in mind but is perfect for anyone who wants to add some fun into their everyday life with pattern play and unexpected colours and sizes.

Launching in 2019 FÖRNYAD fuses the core elements from both creatives, namely the Colette blue and accompanying dots, and Redman’s black egg shape and cycloptic eye, to reimagine iconic products including the LACK table, FRAKTA bag and KLIPPAN sofa.


For the fifth series of IKEA Art Event, IKEA invited eight contemporary artists, including Virgil Abloh, Craig Green and Supakitch, to design a rug. The unique rugs are handmade in wool and natural materials and have been designed to be statement pieces in the home, whether they are hung on the wall or laid on the floor.

IKEA Art Event will be available for a limited time starting in 2019.


In an endeavour to explore a more sustainable – and fluid – way of living, IKEA has created the TÄNKVÄRD collection, made of rattan, cotton, linen, jute and seagrass. The textiles and furniture in the range, launching for a limited time in 2019, are tenable in more ways than one; they are durable but many of the objects have dual functions. For example, the clothes hanger or storage basket can also double as a bag.


ÖVERALLT will focus on celebrating collaborations across continents, as well as disciplines. IKEA has partnered with ten designers from seven countries across Africa, who come from a variety of different fields including fashion, sculpture and architecture, to create a unique collection that is inspired by modern urban rituals. The limited-edition range, launching in May 2019, includes tableware, seating and textiles.


ANNANSTANS collection is the second collaboration Swedish textile designer Martin Bergström has done with artisans in rural India, Romania and Thailand. The limited-edition range launching in 2019 marries traditional techniques with modern expressions, to create a contemporary collection with bright and vivid patterns. Mixing printed and handmade elements not only helps create jobs for people in vulnerable communities but also ensures that the price is still affordable.


Last year a research team was sent to the NASA Mars Desert Research Station in Utah to explore the future needs of urban, small space living.

The RUMTID range is the result of this research and is inspired by the extremes that come with going into space. The four upcoming collections are based on the concepts of Time, Small space, Water and Air respectively with the first launch planned for 2020.

An exciting development to come out of the range is a lightweight material made of veneer rolled into hollow tubes, which is not only flexible and perfect for small space living, but also more sustainable as the production process leads to next to no waste.