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IKEA Ireland Highlights its Commitment to Sustainability on World Sustainability Day

IKEA Ireland Highlights its Commitment to Sustainability on World Sustainability Day

IKEA Ireland Highlights its Commitment to Sustainability on World Sustainability Day

25th October 2017 - Sustainability is a cornerstone of the IKEA growth agenda in Ireland and internationally. It isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for business. On World Sustainability Day, IKEA Ireland is highlighting its commitment to sustainability through its People & Planet Positive Strategy.

Key IKEA Ireland Sustainability Facts:
• IKEA’s wind farm in Co. Leitrim currently produces more energy than IKEA consumes in its Ballymun store and Carrickmines Order & Collection Point – IKEA Group owns 327 wind turbines globally
• In FY16, IKEA Ireland sold almost 300,000 LED bulbs in its Ballymun and Carrickmines units
• Over 600 products in IKEA’s range are specifically designed to enable customers to live a more sustainable life at home
• IKEA Ireland sent zero waste to landfill in FY16
• IKEA’s flagship store in Ballymun has a rainwater harvesting system on its roof

As almost 3 million people visited IKEA in Ireland last year, IKEA is working to help Irish consumers live a more sustainable life at home.

IKEA Ireland stocks over 600 products that are specifically designed to encourage customers to live more sustainably. Examples of these products are; LED bulbs, LADDA rechargeable batteries, efficient water taps, SORYERA and FILUR bins that help to sort waste, and the hydroponics range which gives people the chance to grow their own food without soil or sunlight.

Another way IKEA has enabled more sustainable living is by converting all of its lighting products to affordable LED bulbs. LED bulbs use up to 85% less energy and last up to 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. IKEA Ireland sold almost 300,000 bulbs in FY16, helping customers to save money on their energy bills, while also helping the environment.

IKEA is also striving to be a leader in renewable energy production. By 2020, the IKEA Group aims to produce as much renewable energy as it consumes across its global operations, with a focus on wind and solar power. Its wind farm in Co. Leitrim is one of 327 wind turbines IKEA Group operates across the world, which surpasses the number of stores it operates.

Water usage is also a key focus for sustainability in IKEA stores; IKEA Ireland’s flagship store in Ballymun features a rainwater harvesting system on its roof, which is used to supply water for all the toilets in the building, utilising recycled water in a clever and sustainable way.

Hege Saebjornsen, IKEA Sustainability Manager for Ireland & the UK, commented on IKEA’s commitment to sustainability; “Globally, consumers and businesses are taking more from the earth than they are giving back. At IKEA, we want to try and give back more to the world than we take, which is the main driver for our sustainability agenda.

On World Sustainability Day, we want to highlight our commitment to the global sustainability agenda. IKEA is committed to transforming our business to ensure it is fit for the future and has a positive impact on people and the planet. This includes generating our own renewable energy, switching our entire cotton supply to 100% sustainable cotton, and ensuring that by 2020, all our wood is from FSC or recycled sources. We believe we can achieve these ambitious targets that we have set for our business, while also growing our operations and making IKEA accessible to everyone.”

Waste is also a global issue and is having a serious detrimental impact on our planet. IKEA is working to combat this by committing to recycling 90% of its waste by 2020. For example, in FY16 IKEA Ireland sent zero waste to landfill and even generated some revenue from its waste production.

As part of its People and Planet Positive Strategy, IKEA also strives to help create a better life for people and communities. IKEA employs over 700 co-workers in its Ballymun and Carrickmines units, and is proud to be one of the first large retailers in Ireland to introduce the Living Wage for all co-workers, implementing permanent contracts and enforcing a no zero-hour contracts policy. IKEA Ireland also supports local charities; co-workers nominated the ISPCC as its charity partner for 2017, and have raised over €19,000 through fundraising activities for the ISPCC so far this year.