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It's not about the names. It's about learning.

IKEA has opened its doors to the design world and has started collaborating with both up-and-coming and established designers.

An attempt to cash in on their “coolness”?

Not at all. It’s about the free flow of ideas and the desire to create an open, inclusive design culture that can move in any direction.

Close up of the nose, front truck and wheels on a skateboard. Head shot of designer and IKEA collaborator Chris Stamp. Close up of the USB connector for one of the products in the SPÄNST collection.


Hitting the streets with Chris Stamp

Exploring ways to integrate street culture and sports in a casual and informal way at home led IKEA of Sweden to reach out to avant-garde streetwear designer Chris Stamp. Their collaboration has resulted in the SPÄNST collection, with products supporting an active and sporty urban lifestyle. 

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Close up of the armrest and tray attachment on the IKEA DELAKTIG sofa designed in collaboration with Tom Dixon.  Head shot of designer and IKEA collaborator Tom Dixon


IKEA of Sweden and Tom Dixon have created DELAKTIG, an aluminium sofa that’s designed as an open platform.

“We’re still arguing about whether it’s a sofa or a bed. It doesn’t really matter. It’s a space that people can personalise, and use in whatever way they want” explains Tom Dixon.

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“It’s not about names, it’s about learning. The designers we’ve collaborated with are big for a reason – it’s because they’re smart, and we want to work with the best.”



The IKEA YPPERLIG bag in green and white, and chair with armrests created in collaboration with Hay.


The beauty of basics

What happens when you add some Danish design to a worldwide home furnishing brand? That’s what IKEA of Sweden wanted to find out by joining hands with Danish design company HAY. The result is YPPERLIG, a collection that really shows the beauty of basics. 

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Crown from the IKEA OMEDELBAR collection, Designer Bea Åkerlund, ,seen here peeking out from behind a tilted hat,  has collaborated with IKEA to create the OMEDELBAR collection. Decorative capital “B” from the IKEA OMEDELBAR collection.


“It’s a collection that allows for not taking life so seriously. I want people to have a little fun in their lives.” 

While still “being IKEA” of course, OMEDELBAR is a chance to step into something new: the feeling of an exclusive Hollywood showroom where goth and glam meet each other. Large glass hats, red lip-shaped pillows, 3D printed hands for jewelry display, and a B-shaped lamp – all items that represent fashion activist Bea.  

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