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Ingvar 90 years


A photo of Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, standing in a warehouse.

Have you ever wondered where IKEA came from? Or how a simple country boy from Småland was inspired to create one of the world’s leading brands and help create a better everyday life for millions of people?

March 2016 saw the Swedish founder of the IKEA business, Ingvar Kamprad, celebrate his 90th birthday. From selling matches at the tender age of six, to founding the world’s biggest home furnishing store, this charismatic, visionary entrepreneur has shaped the way people live today.

With reasonably priced, high-quality and innovative products, great customer service and of course, € 0.5 hotdogs, IKEA has grown into a global retail and business phenomenon. Kamprad has been at the forefront of the unprecedented IKEA success from its very first store in Älmhult in 1953, to close to 400 stores in 48 countries today. So, what’s next for the hands-on businessman who still travels economy class? Well, Kamprad believes that most things still remain to be done.

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