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Wireless charging

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Wireless chargers for wherever you are

With our range of wireless chargers, keeping your smartphone charged has never been easier. We have a variety of wireless charging solutions that blend in beautifully with your home, and can be placed where you need them the most. All without having to hide messy cables.

Wireless charging questions and answers

Find out if your phone is enabled for wireless charging

Wireless charging

Questions and answers

Why does IKEA offer products with wireless charging function?

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people by offering attractive, functional, affordable and high-quality furnishings. And that's why every year we visit thousands of people at home to learn more about their needs and dreams. This is the starting point for every product we design. The introduction of clever ways to reduce clutter and the number of chargers, ensures that the daily life is a little easier and more convenient again.

Which products are included in the Design Collection?

The collection includes charging pads, lamps and tables with integrated charging.

What is Qi technology?

Qi is the most widely used wireless technology equipment already used on the market. We decided on Qi since this is the leading global standard for wireless charging of smartphones. Moreover, it is the standard that best meets our high quality standards. It comes in many electric toothbrushes and induction hobs. This way we can offer high-quality interior products with Qi-certified charging function at affordable prices. Each Qi-enabled phone is automatically charged as soon as it is placed on an IKEA product with wireless charging function. For some phones that are not Qi-enabled, we have covers/cases. You can find out whether your smartphone is Qi-enabled, simply by requesting from the manufacturer.

What is Qi-certification?

In order to certify the product according to the Qi standard, it must undergo extensive testing. The Qi-certified IKEA products are tested by independent test laboratories. These authorized test labs then confirm compliance with the Qi specifications. They also check that the product works correctly with all other Qi-certified products.

Is it dangerous to use these products? Should we not be concerned about the electromagnetic radiation of chargers?

Security has top priority at IKEA and our products comply with all relevant legal requirements. The EMF report (the report on electromagnetic fields) shows that the radiation field around the loading point of the integrated wireless chargers in our home furnishings is very weak. The technology uses an isolated charging field, so that the power output is very low.

How long is the charging time?

If the device is connected to the USB port or through the wireless charging feature, the charging speed is similar to the original charger. The USB port has a loading capacity of 10W. In general this can vary the charging time as with conventional technologies, depending on the battery capacity, remaining power, age of the battery and ambient temperature.

Can I charge my iPad or tablet with the wireless charging products from IKEA?

All charging stations are equipped with a USB port. Therefore, it is possible to still charge other devices - not only using the wireless charging function.


  • Find out if your phone is enabled for wireless charging

    Phones that supports wireless charging:


    • Galaxy S3
    • Galaxy S4
    • Galaxy S5
    • Galaxy S6
    • Galaxy S6 Edge


    • Droid DNA
    • 8X
    • Thunderbolt


    • iPhone 4/4S
    • iPhone 5/5S
    • iPhone 6/6S


    • Nexus 4
    • Nexus 5
    • Nexus 6
    • Nexus 7


    • Spectrum 2


    • Moto 360
    • Droid Maxx
    • Droid Turbo
    • Droid Mini


    • Lumia 735
    • Lumia 830
    • Lumia 920
    • Lumia 928
    • Lumia 930
    • Lumia 1520
    • Lumia Icon


    • Xperia Z3v


    See a full comprehensive list of compatible devices here.

  • Phones that needs VITAHULT cover to support wireless charging:

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Mobile phone at a wireless charging station built-in to a floor lamp


IKEA NORDMÄRKE triple pad for wireless charging


IKEA VARV table lamp base w wireless charging


IKEA VARV floor lamp base w wireless charging The height is adjustable to suit your lighting needs.


IKEA RÄLLEN integrated wireless charger


IKEA RÄLLEN integrated wireless charger
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