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Vegetables & side dishes

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Eat your vegetables!

Getting enough veg in your diet should be fun and delicious. That’s why we offer a variety of tasty, healthy and more sustainable food choices, like our veggie balls. They’re packed with nutritious ingredients and—like all our vegetarian dishes—they’re a more sustainable choice because they have a smaller carbon footprint than comparable meat products.

GRÖNSAKSBULLAR are tasty vegetable balls made without any animal products. They’re a yummy and more sustainable food choice.


IKEA PANNKAKOR pancakes, frozen


IKEA VÅFFLOR waffles, frozen


IKEA RÖSTI potato fritters, frozen


IKEA GRÖNSAKSKAKA vegetable medallion, frozen


IKEA PAJ OST cheese pie


IKEA GRATÄNG POTATIS potatoes au gratin, frozen
A plate with freshly fried chicken meatballs, red cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
Add variety with our chicken balls

Now we are introducing KYCKLINGKÖTTBULLAR chicken balls with a high chicken content. Try in the IKEA Restaurant or take a package home.


IKEA PIZZABITAR pizza slice, vegetarian frozen


IKEA ALLEMANSRÄTTEN mashed potatoes, frozen


IKEA ALLEMANSRÄTTEN vegetable balls, frozen


IKEA LÄTTLAGAT lasagne Easily prepared from frozen in the oven or in the microwave. Serves 1 person.
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