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Cooking accessories

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Check out our kitchen accessories

Simple but smart, our kitchen accessories include inserts that let you steam or boil different foods at the same time, along with a pasta insert that can even be used as a colander, too. There are lots of handy things to make home cooking more convenient (and stop hot pots scorching your table).

Kitchen accessories, a stainless steel pasta insert


IKEA LÄMPLIG pot stand Plastic feet prevent scratching on the surface.


IKEA LÄMPLIG trivet Plastic feet prevent scratching and make the steel non heat-conducting.


IKEA HEAT pot stand You can combine several pot stands to fit larger pots and dishes.


IKEA IKEA 365+ GUNSTIG pot stand, magnetic


IKEA STABIL steamer insert


IKEA STABIL boiling insert


IKEA STABIL steamer insert Can be used with most 4-5-litre pots.


IKEA STABIL splatter screen Holds most frying pans up to 32 cm in diameter.


IKEA PRICKIG microwave lid With several small holes to release steam.


IKEA LAGG pot stand


IKEA STABIL pasta insert Works as a colander as well. Can be used with most 4-5-litre pots.
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