SÅS PEPPARROT Horseradish sauce
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The horseradish root is used as a spice and as a base in horseradish sauce. Serve in salad dressings, with various meats or with grilled or fried fish.
  • SÅS PEPPARROTHorseradish sauceArticle no.:400.288.89
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The horseradish root, containing mustard-like substances, is used as a spice with an important place in Swedish cooking. Especially as SÅS PEPPARROT (horseradish sauce). Traditional dishes based on horseradish include LAX VARMRÖKT (hot smoked salmon frozen), cod, lamb, and veal dishes. If you find the taste too strong - add cream. Serve with baked potatoes, in a salad dressing, with steaks, hamburgers, smoked reindeer, or with grilled or fried fish.

Horseradish sauce

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SÅS PEPPARROT Horseradish sauce


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