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New Lower Price

At IKEA, we are always striving to reduce prices without compromising quality. When you see " New Lower Price" It means we've found a way to offer good quality and even better prices on your favorite products.

Living room

Bedroom and bathroom

Saturday morning lie-ins are great. But when your ordinary, life-as-usual everydays are as good as they can be – we think that's even better. That's why you'll find all the bedroom furniture you need for making your nights more restful and your mornings less stressful. And for creating a space that you love to start and end every day of the week in.

Kitchen & Dining

A dream kitchen isn't the one-size-fits-all type – it's the one that fits you. One that you think is beautiful. That makes cooking meals more enjoyable, and cleaning up after them a lot easier. And that makes the most of your space, so you can make room for all your things and all your favourite people – for lots of years to come.

Children's IKEA

Kids need space to just be kids. Where they can giggle, make believe, hop around – and then settle in for good night's sleep after all that fun. Because that's how they learn and grow and become who they are. That's why all our children's furniture and toys are designed to help you create a safe, creative and comfortable space for your most important people in the world.