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At IKEA we offer a modern taste of Sweden with honest, affordable and appetising food. From Swedish meatballs, to coffee and cakes, and even a great tasting veggie dog, we have a variety of food for everyone.

IKEA Restaurant


Inspired dishes

IKEA Meatballs
A tray of baked meatballs and packaging

Our restaurants

Enjoy delicious dishes at the IKEA restaurant for surprisingly low prices. We have meals for all times of the day including a cooked breakfast, brunch with salmon and, of course, a full dinner of Swedish meatballs.

Fish and chips
Chicken kiev
Lamb shoulder

At IKEA Food, we are more than just meatballs! Visit us in store to try out even more of our tasty and sustainable dishes.

Children's menu

SMÅTTINGAR - A menu for little folk

We believe children are the most important people in the world. That’s why we have worked with an expert nuritionist to create a children’s menu that is both healthy and sustainable. All of our dishes are not only tasty and delicious but they are full of all the nutrition that growing children need with no added salts or sugars.

For the little ones
  • Suitable for ages 3 and under

    Free baby food

    All of our children’s meals are served with a choice of vegetables, crunchy vegetable sticks and a piece of fruit. Free water is available at the drink island.


For the bigger ones
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up

    Breaded cod
    with fries or mashed potato, and peas

    4 Swedish meatballs
    with fries, peas and lingonberry jam

    4 Vegetable balls
    with fries or mashed potato, peas, lingonberry jam and cream sauce

    Vegetarian lasagne

    Children’s snackbox
    Includes a sandwich and other yummy treats in a fun and interactive activity box

    All of our children’s meals are served with a choice of vegetables, crunchy vegetable sticks and a piece of fruit. Free water is available at the drink island.


Swedish food market

You can also eat tasty, affordable dishes from the restaurant at home. In the Swedish food market next to the bistro you will find meatballs, marinated herring, coffee and various other Swedish specialities from IKEA. Come and discover the Swedish cuisine. 


IKEA Breakfast Swedish Food Market
IKEA Lunch Swedish Food Market
Swedish Food Market
IKEA Dinner Swedish Food Market
FIKA Swedish Food Market


After checkout and before going home, the whole family can grab a drink or a quick snack at the IKEA Bistro. 

Hot dog
Vegetarian hot dog
Frozen yoghurt

Food you can feel good about

Sustainable salmon

Sustainable salmon

At IKEA we are guided by our vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people - responsible seafood sourcing is a natural contribution to this. At IKEA we have a commitment of only serving ASC or MSC certified seafood in our stores. 

UTZ certified coffee

UTZ certified coffee

IKEA wants to serve and sell coffee that has been produced with care for people and the planet. Offering customers UTZ certified and organic coffee is part of the IKEA food efforts to ensure ingredients are from responsible and more sustainable sources. 

No food waste

No food waste

Since December 2016 we’ve been reducing our food waste. Our goal is to cut our food waste by 50% by the end of August 2020. It is part of our commitment to people and planet.

Everything for the cooks... and guests