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Designed by children for children


Proceeds from the sale of this range will go to the ISPCC, helping them to provide their 24 hour Childline listening service for children throughout Ireland.

The Children behind this years soft toys

Out of all of the drawings submitted by children worldwide, we've narrowed it down to 10 winners.These drawings have been turned into this year's SAGOSKATT limited edition collection!



“The rainbow cloud is a character who lives in a pink sky. She loves to visit places with more clouds like her where she can spread joy to lots o f people.”


FOX Joseph, 6, Australia

“I saw a fox in a picture book and wanted to create my own. I like the orange colour of my soft toy, but most of all I like the fox’s long ears”


TOUCAN Sofia, 8, Russia

“This bird is a toucan with a long, rainbow-coloured beak. Now that my drawing has become a soft toy, I haves omething really cool to tell all my friends in art class.”


MONSTER Su-ah, 8, South Korea

“In my favourite movie there’s a cartoon unicorn whose horn gives special powers. I’d also like that. That’s why I gave my soft toy several horns, but I was sure to not make them too sharp.”


LION S hane, 7, United Arab Emirates

“I thought of the timid lion in “The Wiz ard of Oz” when I created my soft toy. Even though he’s a lion, he has the name “Tiger” since I was in a hurry when I named him.”


DOG Mira, 10, Bulgaria

“My soft toy is a happy dachshund with horn and rainbow-coloured wings. I really love dogs and have a Chihuahua, but the dachshund is my favourite. Especially since this one can fly.”

  • The tale of the hippo-crocodile

    A soft toy tells the remarkable story of what he had to endure in order to pass the rigorous safety testing at IKEA.


1.That’s me, going through the infamous metal detector. Checking there were no needles, staples or the like left in my body.

Safety test

2. The pulling test! To make sure I don’t break if two children were to fight over me. 10 kilos of tension for 10 seconds!

safety test

3. We made it! Me and the gang celebrating after passing the tests. Ready to ship out and safe enough for any child to play with!


IWitness Trip UK & IE 2017

The ambassadors impressions of what they witnessed in ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam