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Switch off: tips for a calming bedroom

18 February 2016

With a few easy ideas, homeowner Sara turned her bedroom into a relaxing space with a coastal influence. ‘Using natural materials in soothing colours and taking away distractions has made it a restful place for sleep and waking up,’ she says.

Sara’s bedroom is a calming space with a coastal influence
Add directional lamps for reading in bed
The cloud lampshade adds a country feel to a city space


Layer your lighting. To make things like reading in bed easy, put in smart, directional lamps. Mix that with diffused light to create a soft glow across the room and minimise stark shadows. ‘I love our cloud-style ceiling lampshade,’ says Sara. ‘It creates a lovely effect. When I’m lying in bed, it reminds me of being out in the country rather than in the city, and when the mornings are dark at the beginning and end of the year, it feels less harsh when I turn it on – I’m an early riser and usually get up at 5am.’


A beautifully made bed makes going to sleep feel like a pleasure rather than a habit. ‘We love natural textures like cotton and linen and use them in our bedroom to create softness and cosiness,’ says Sara. ‘They feel good against the skin and sticking to a palette of soothing colours increases the sense of visual calm.’


Leave phones and electronics outside the bedroom to prevent digital disruption to your sleep. ‘Leaving my mobile downstairs is a way of telling my body that it’s time to rest,’ says Sara. ‘I also always read before I go to sleep; it’s good to give the mind something to focus on other than the day’s events. I keep my books on a shelf with the spines turned away – letting the pages face out creates a lovely textured effect and you don’t get the visual noise of different cover designs.’

Layer feel-good materials in soothing colours
Minimising distractions makes for a good night’s rest
Pare back your clothes storage


Open storage saves space and makes it easy to organise and find your clothes. ‘An open set-up meant we could fit a dressing area in a separate part of the room to the sleeping area,’ says Sara. ‘I also find it encourages us to avoid holding on to items we don’t need, so we have less clutter,’ says Sara. ‘Getting dressed in the morning has become a simpler routine.’

Portrait of Sara

‘A relaxing bedroom makes is easier for me to wind down after a busy day and sets me up for a good start the following morning’

Sara, accountant, Stockholm

Made by

Photography: Polly Wreford
Styling: Åsa Dyberg