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Storage across the Home

Your things reflect who you are, your life and your stories. And like us, they need homes too. Do you want to hide away your stuff in boxes, proudly display your belongings, or simply get inspiration for a clutter-free space? Whatever life is for you, we’ve got you.

[text] Behind every mess...
Messy mound of clothes thrown over a chair.
Clothes neatly folded and packed in a SAMLA box.
[text] a new possibility
Video: Video of a messy bedroom and clothes on the bed, transforming into a neatly organised wardrobe.
Collage with colour quadrants and cutouts of real images featuring people.

Celebrating life through storage

In store activities, home furnishing talks, workshops, and much more. Go to your local store page to find the full event schedule!

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Storage ideas to organise your spaces

Sometimes it can feel like you're swimming in stuff - mess takes over and rooms become overwhelming. Often, a little inspiration can set you on your way to creating spaces that work for you.

Before and ahhh-fter

Tidying up can be a daunting task. But with the right storage boxes and a little bit of will power, you can unleash the zen, banish chaos, and find inner harmony – all while keeping your socks in check!

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VIHALS unit with a messy open drawer, socks and ties are scattered in the drawer.
VIHALS unit with an organised open drawer, socks and ties are neatly folded and rolled in SKUBB storage boxes.
Shop storage solutions for every room

Storage ideas for decluttering your home

Whether it's keeping your office space clutter free or filling your hallway with the the day's essentials, we all need some home storage inspiration and ideas from time to time. Whatever the space or room, we've got you.

A person holds up a mobile phone and uses the KREATIV app while standing in a room planning solutions.

Virtually bring IKEA products into your home

Scan your room in the IKEA App and bring 3D IKEA products into your home. Design your space by adding furniture, storage, accessories and more to check the size and feel and create your perfect wish list.

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We offer delivery methods for all your purchases.

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Declutter your to-do list

We can help provide an extra hand unpacking or organising your space

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