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The lyrical photographer

Lee is a Chinese photographer based in Stockholm. Her photo work is inspired by music, poetry, and the conversations she has with people she meets on her many travels. Lee loves to edit her photos to the sound of music, letting the tones and rhythms influence her creative process.

Photography is equipment heavy, and Lee needs a lot of smart storage to organize and display her camera gear and music equipment, travel essentials, and vast collection of photography books and magazines.

A woman sits outdoors on a big, smooth rock, with a blue sky behind her.

Setting the tone for camera gear storage

Camera gear is bulky and having a good system of storage boxes with labels make it easy to store and find what you are looking for. Bigger, transparent boxes for cameras, and smaller paper boxes (with handwritten labels) to store lenses, cables and memory cards in an easy-access way. As a photographer on the go, a trolley is also a good way to keep your equipment organised and within reach, wherever you are. Easy to roll around, and easy to remove some of the compartments if you need to make extra room for bigger items. Add some hooks on the side, in order to hang tripods and cables. When you love photography, cameras are also beautiful pieces of art that you want to display. Open shelves let you display your favourite cameras (and vintage camera gear), while added inserts give you the closed storage you need for the stuff you prefer to hide. Music is a big part of Lee’s creative process. With an ENEBY portable speaker that you can hang on the wall, and a set of SYMFONISK framed Wi-Fi speakers, you’re set and ready to let music flow in all of your rooms (and sometimes throw in a photography podcast too).

A woman in sunglasses is standing by a grass field, carrying a camera tripod on her shoulder.

Rolling out a mini photo studio

A trolley makes it easy to keep your camera gear organised and close at hand, wherever you are. With some added hooks, you can hang your tripods and cables there too. Boxes of all sizes are good for everything from big lenses to small memory cards. And when you’re done, don’t forget to frame your printed masterpieces!