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Simple ideas for a children’s bedroom update (age 8-12)

When Cecilia in Sweden updated her son Maxime’s bedroom, she made sure he had plenty of extra wall-storage containers for all of his toys. "Maxime (7) is very proud of his room so likes to keep it tidy," says Cecilia. "He has lots of building bricks and likes to keep everything in its place." Here are six more fun and functional kids’ bedroom ideas from homes we’ve visited over the years…

Containers hang on a wall-mounted rail to create toy storage in a child's bedroom. Mom and son sit in the background.
Containers hang on a wall-mounted rail to create toy storage in a child's bedroom. Mom and son sit in the background.

1. Use an empty corner

When we visited Stina in Spain, she showed us one of her favourite space-saving ideas. "Our home is small but we always have space for creativity," she says. "We made use of an awkward corner of Ulrikke (9) and Johanne’s (11) room by custom-building a desk from our leftover IKEA kitchen worktops."

2. Give them a world of their own

Encouraging her children’s sense of individuality is important to Laura in the Netherlands. "We involve the children when we decorate their rooms," she says. "Max (10) loves nature so we filled one wall in his room with a picture of the great outdoors."

3. Use stickers as decoration

Valentina in Italy likes to encourage her son,
Alberto (8), to be creative by letting him customise his own space. "Alberto has used stickers to add his own personal touch to his toy cabinets," she says. "A colourful and playful bedroom is good for his imagination."

4. Create a cosy snug

When we visited Francesca in Italy, she told us how
she likes to warm up her daughter Chiara’s (8) bedroom with colourful textiles. "Chiara loves all the colour," says Francesca. "She wants to add even more textiles to make her bed like a secret cave."

Children learn about fairness from an early age, so when dividing a bedroom, it’s important to give each sibling the same exact amount of space.

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5. Divide their room equally

"I’m happy in a home that keeps my family close," says Catarina in Portugal. The same applies to her sons, Jaime (12) and Vasco (8), who share a bedroom.
"A KALLAX shelving unit and two bed canopies are a playful way of separating the boys’ beds – it gives them their own space but at the same time gives them somewhere they can sit and play together."

6. Give them a wall of their own

Ineke in the Netherlands encourages her son, Mick (9), to be creative in his bedroom. "Now that he’s older, we can use the wall next to his bed more," she says. "And because he might not play with all of his soft toys so much any more, he has a special shelf where they can still sit on display."