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Ridiculously easy ways to dress your window

01 July 2015

When we did a living room makeover at the Hammarlins', our interior designer created these curtains to let in a lot of light. They were both beautiful and airy, but the best thing about them is that they are really simple to make. I mean, even our sewing-challenged writer (you’re looking at him) is capable of putting these together. Here are several variations that require very little extra effort on your part. Curtain making has never been so easy.

Living room with a couch and DIY curtains
Illustration of curtain fabric, hooks and rings

What you need:

Step by step

A picture a window with a hung DIY curtain


1. Take a piece of fabric large enough to cover your window. If you’re feeling fancy, you can hem the edges.

2. Stitch a ring to three of the corners.

3. Install two hooks in the top corners of your window.

4. Hang your curtain.

Super awesome

1. Use iron-on hem strips to avoid sewing.

2. If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it.

3. If you choose a fabric that’s not too heavy, you can get away with stick-on hooks.

4. Prepare for the compliments from your visitors.

Different types of curtains for your home

Now that you are probably feeling fired up with inspiration, here are some different looks you can get out of this DIY curtain depending on the size of the fabric you use.

GIF of how to make a curtain using square fabric

Square fabric

Simple pinning will complete the job.

GIF of how to make a curtain using rectangular fabric

Rectangular fabric #1

Using 3 hooks will keep your curtain in place.
Two at the top, one at the side.

GIF of how to make a curtain using rectangular fabric

Rectangular fabric #2

Here’s one more option. Take the curtain midway up to create some pillowy layers.