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Pick a meal, any meal

01 July 2015

Between work, helping the kids with their homework and trying to fit in the odd moments to just do nothing, there’s figuring out what to make for dinner. There’s gotta be an easier way. Heck, we say just leave it up to chance and go with the flow. Here’s how.

A wall with stainless steel rails filled with pots, pans, chopping boards, grater and kitchen utensils.
Three tins with paint in different red colours and a fork that has been dipped into one of the tins.
A table with cut out letters in cardboard and a pair of scissors.
A pink wall with cut out letters in cardboard and two forks dipped in paint.


We used simple cardboard cutouts to mark the days of the week, but you can play around with different materials. Glue each day to the side of your cabinet together with a fork. Not into glueing directly on your cabinet? This works just as well on a cork- or chalkboard.

A white small box hanging on the wall with cards and string.


Keep a collection of your favorite meals on recipe cards nearby. (Bonus if you have the ingredients & recipe on the back). On Sunday nights, just randomly pick enough for the week, and post! This also serves as a menu for everyone to refer to throughout the week.

A note pad with a shopping list.


Once you’ve sorted out what you’ll be eating this week, make your grocery list. Shop, prep, cook, done!