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Nine ways to use a chalkboard wall

01 December 2015

Painting a plain section of wall with chalkboard paint can be a fun way to inject a bit of creativity into your home. We’ve picked a selection of our favourite chalkboard ideas from homeowners around the world to inspire you to try your own!

Painting a chalkboard wall can be decorative as well as useful
Paint a children’s wall cabinet black so they can write on it

Back to the drawing board

Give your galley kitchen a focal point with an ever-changing picture board on the end wall, like Mili’s in Prague. If you use a chalkboard paint that is magnetic, you can stick up photos and pictures as well as doodle with colourful chalks. 

Paint a children’s wall cabinet black so they can write on it

Kid’s corner

A writing board is the perfect place for kids to practise writing their names and to get creative with their artwork. Even better if it the board’s magnetic too... 

Paint the wall behind a picture ledge and leave messages for your family

A space to share

Paint the wall behind a picture ledge and use it to leave messages, jokes and drawings for your family. Why not line up your favourite books so they’re easy for friends and room mates to borrow?
A chalkboard in the living room makes a unique backdrop and a creative canvas

Living room feature wall

Your chalkboard doesn’t have to cover the whole wall – use masking tape to mark out a neat rectangular area to paint inside. Turn it into a unique backdrop for a table top display, or treat it like a big dramatic canvas waiting for some creativity.
Make a doodle chalkboard for kids to encourage them to recycle

Family doodles

Make recycling fun for smaller children with a creative doodle board above the area. They can draw a new cartoon every time they put waste in the right place.
Friends can leave messages and drawings on a living room chalkboard

Laid-back lounge

Complete a cosy kitchen corner with a chalboard panel. Ask your friends to leave messages and drawings, or use it to plan your next holiday together.
A pantry door chalkboard is a perfect place for writing recipes or a shopping list

Back of a door

Turn the back of the pantry door into one big shopping list the whole family can add to, so you’ll never run out of any ingredients again. 
Black chalkboard paint in the kitchen can be useful for labelling storage

An organised chef

A chalkboard wall perfectly complements an aluminium worktop and steel accessories in a modern kitchen. Use it as a unique way to label things or to jot down a few recipe ideas.