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How to up your laundry game

01 February 2016

We all have tons of laundry to do. But we don’t all have a ton of space for it. So we put on our freshly-laundered thinking caps and came up with a few very-doable solutions that can work anywhere in a small home. No laundry room needed.

A close-up image of hooks with some clothes and a hanger hanging from them.
Two green IKEA HUMLARE bags hang from a blue wall and store laundry.

NO FLOOR SPACE? No problem. Just use your walls to hang these sturdy bags. Bonus: Shoulder straps make it easy to carry as a backpack when you’re headed to the laundry room or laundromat. 

IF YOU DO HAVE A BIT OF WALL SPACE, try dividing your laundry by wash temperature. If you’ve worn something once, but think you have a couple more wears in it, hang it close to the baskets instead of back in your closet. And a little shelf for pocket stowaways keeps things neat.

Three stacked IKEA SORTERA boxes are marked with different wash temperatures and used to sort laundry in a closet.

IF YOU’RE TRYING TO SAVE SPACE, these bins are your new best friends. Stack them in a closet or wardrobe and add a fabric bag inside each one (much easier to carry to the laundry room!).

Made by

Interior designer: Nathalie Kamkum
Digital designer: Annie Svensson
Copy writer: Vanessa Algotsson 
Photographer: Johan Månsson
Editor: Linda Harkell