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How to finally go clutter-free

28 February 2016

It’s the most-dreaded of four-letter words: mess. It’s definitely unavoidable, but there are ways to decrease your chances of encountering it often. Here’s how we like to keep organised all across the home.

A close-up image of a lamp, glass bottles and empty frames arranged on top of dining room storage.


When you combine open and closed clothes storage, the overall feel of the space is much more calm. Keep accessories and outerwear that you wear less often in the closet (we use one for clothing and one for shoes), and the few items in heavy rotation on hooks so that they’re always ready to grab and go.

An image of a bathroom with a bathtub and storage including shelves, woven baskets and plastic bins.
A close-up image of a shelf with a woven basket holding bottles.


The bathroom is steamy, small, and often times, the scene of morning traffic jams. But when it’s organised it can also be a great place to unwind (spa morning, anyone?). Try a combination of shelving, pretty baskets and heavy-duty boxes. Keep your daily go-to items within arm’s reach and items like First Aid essentials up high.

Clothing is hung on wall hooks underneath a shelf and hidden away by a hand-painted TUPPLUR blackout blind.


Let’s face it. Sometimes those clothes just aren’t going to make it back into the closet. No matter how short the journey is. But surely there has to be a middle ground between the wardrobe and the floor. Good news: hooks. Blackout blinds are also a super easy way to hide a mess, plus you can customise them by painting your own design (like our interior designer Lina did here).


The more you love to cook, the more jars of spices, herbs, vinegar and oil you’re going to have cluttering up your shelves. Not the kind of things you’re going to want to have crashing down as you sort through the jumble to find the right one (hint: it’s almost always in the back…). Divide them by groups into plastic storage boxes that you can pull out one at a time. For loose items like pasta and grains, try clear glass or plastic containers.

In a dining room, a glass-door cabinet holds glasses, plates, and decorative pieces. A lamp, glass bottles and empty frames sit on top.


The thing about dining room storage is that these are the items we often want to show off. So why not opt for a storage piece with glass doors? Arrange them in a way that creates a beautiful focal point in the room, as well as conveniently ready to be used.

Made by

Interior designer: Lina Aldén
Digital designer: Annie Svensson
Copywriter: Vanessa Algotsson
Photographer: Daniel Wester
Editor: Linda Harkell