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How to create a dining area in the living room

15 April 2014
A simple guide on how to plan a flexible living and dining room in one that's open and breezy with each area clearly defined. Compact when it’s just you and expandable when you want to invite people over for dinner.
An open-plan room showing dining furniture, two storage room dividers and a sofa from IKEA.
A tall, IKEA room divider in red gloss storing baskets and tableware.

Divide and conquer

Start the transformation from living to living/dining room by setting down a room divider. Open shelving is a great choice when you’re splitting a room in two because it looks good from both sides and adds useful storage for both living room and dining things. Most importantly it doesn’t make either side of the room feel too boxed in.

Transparent dining furniture allows the light, and your eye, to travel through. This stops the room from feeling cluttered.

Having measured out enough wriggle room for chairs, put a rug down where you want your table to be. A pendant lamp hung over the centre of that space will light up your mealtimes and help to define the area and hold it all together.
Add in your table and chairs and suddenly you’ve got a dining room that looks like it was always meant to be there.