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Hot, cold or frozen: three ways to serve swedish rice pudding

01 October 2015

Fresh from the oven or leftovers from the freezer, rice pudding can be your go-to comfort food however you like to eat it. Here are three new ways of serving this Swedish Christmas classic.

Two tea cups filled with saffron rice pudding served with jam on a silver tray.

Warm and creamy

What’s better than tucking into spoonfuls of warm, thick and creamy rice pudding on a cold, winter’s evening? Not much in our book. Scoop some fresh-from-the-oven rice pudding into a tea cup and serve with a little jam. Yum!

Cool and fresh

Rice pudding for breakfast? Ooh yes please. Start the day with an energy boost. This is a great way to use up day-old leftovers from the fridge. And if you top it off with berries you get a fresh-tasting vitamin kick in the morning too.

A bird’s eye view of frozen rice pudding served as ice cream in a white china bowl with nuts and caramel sauce.

Frozen and indulgent

When you’ve made a batch too big to eat in one go, just freeze the leftovers and turn them into a kind of ice cream. For those lazy Sunday afternoons when you feel like a treat, it’s on hand to satisfy your sweet cravings. Top with nuts and caramel sauce and dig into pure indulgence.

Feeling hungry yet? Why not make your own rice pudding with a seasonal saffron twist?

A spoon full of saffron on a wooden work bench.

If you’re trying new ways of serving this comforting classic, how about adding a new flavour too. Saffron spice is a popular
Christmas flavour in Sweden. Mix it into your rice pudding for a little extra spice and colour. Give it a whirl with this recipe.

25g butter
150g pudding/short-grain rice (rinsed)
A pinch of sea salt
120g light cane sugar
750ml water
1.75lt milk
A pinch of saffron stalks
1/4 vanilla stick, halved

Brush a large oven-proof dish (3.5-4 litre capacity) with some of the butter. Add all the ingredients to the dish, finishing up with the
rest of the butter, and blend.

Cook in a warmed oven at 180°C for around two hours or until the rice is cooked and the top is crispy. This skin helps keep all the creamy goodness in the rice pudding.