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Get up and growing with a vertical gardening hub

01 April 2016

It’s official. Gardening has well and truly grown up into the loftiest apartments and busiest urban spaces. Thing is how do you best indulge in your passion when your garden space leans towards the super small side? Our answer: Try out a vertical gardening hub. 

Get your gardening things organised by hanging tools and plants above a garden workstation

The idea behind a vertical gardening hub is pretty simple. “How do you make a place where you can store garden stuff, plant and grow all in the one place — even if that one place is pretty tiny?” Our solution is to save on floorspace by building up using the walls (and ceiling if you have it) and dividing up the hub into gardening activities.

Get your gardening things organised with a garden workstation made from a trolley.

The first part is making a worktop. This can really be anything but the important thing is that it’s an easy height to stand and work at. We’ve gone for a trolley that can be moved and positioned easier, and used a table top organiser for smaller things that tend to clutter up. You could try out hanging a dustpan and broom nearby to make cleaning easier or even an old textile on top.

Get your gardening things organised with outdoor shelving for pots and plants

Right by your worktop is your storage space. We find it easiest to group high use things right by the work top where they are easy to grab and heavier items like pots and soil further down. Boxes are always helpful to group similar things together, and soil is best kept in a container with a lid to keep it moist and protected from spills.

Plants and plant pots lined up on a shelf
A storage box filled with soil and a small spade
Want to hang your pots? An easy way is just to use clothes pegs.
A trellis against the wall makes a framework that you can easily hang pots from.
Finally, your walls and ceiling are your best space saving buddies. We like to use a trellis (it could just as easily be chicken wire, a metal grid or made of wood) to make a practical hang space. We’ve used this one to hang tools just above the worktop and hung herbs and plants higher up and from the ceiling.
Good luck with your hub! You might have a small space but there’s nothing stopping it from being a green one!

Made by

Interior designer: Helene Holmstedt
Digital designer: Cecilia Höglund
Copywriter: James Rynd
Photographer: Henrik Palmberg
Editor: Linda Harkell