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Four ways with picture displays

01 May 2016

For Dana’s family, photo displays are a fun way to remember what’s most important in life: being together. ‘I want to remember my kids as they really are: silly, busy, creative and even messy! I favour candid photos over posed ones,’ she says. From disguising a laundry control panel (above) to a simple gallery wall, here she shares her ideas. 

Display family photos to bring back memories
Use family photos to brighten up your kitchen
Instantly transform cabinets and appliances with prints and washi tape. ‘I put candid family shots on the side panel of our refrigerator. It’s my version of fridge art.’
Create a personal picture gallery
A mix of frames, photos, memorabilia and family artwork above the kids’ hooks in the mudroom create a relaxed, quirky vibe. ‘Mixing and matching is OK!’
Make your photos into magnets for a fun display
Get creative with magnetised chalkboard paint, snaps and magnets! ‘The kids often rearrange the photos into words or pictures. It’s a fun, interactive display.’
Portrait of Dana

‘I prefer to display family photos in unique ways that allow us to enjoy them daily. They’re great reminders of experiences we’ve had together’
Dana, interiors blogger, America

Made by

Photography: Laura Moss
Styling: Emily Rickard
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