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Fake flower decoration idea: fake it ‘till you make it

01 May 2015

You dream of a garden filled with flowers. But you don’t have any outdoor space of your own. And, let’s be honest, you don’t have the time (or inclination) to look after all those flowers. So, it might be time to try reimagining your fairytale flower garden (indoors). 

A wall covered in a green, grass-looking, rug then decorated with fake flowers makes the perfect indoor flower installation.
Cut a slit in a green rug using a scalpel and a ruler.

Cut the grass

No need for a lawnmower. This kind of grass cutting is way less time consuming. And, you only have to do it once. 

Stuff slits, cut into a green rug, with fake flowers.

Plant the flowers

‘Plant’ some artificial flowers in the cuts you made in the rug. And who cares if you don’t know your annuals from your perennials. These flowers are always in bloom. 

hang a watering can in one of the slits cut in the green rug.

‘water’ the garden

Or not. (The watering can just adds to the gardeny feel.) Then just stand back and admire. Day after day. Without lifting a finger again. You can always change the flowers with the season if you want to. But then again, why bother? They look great all the time. 

But what if you don’t use flowers at all?

We played around a bit and pushed the floral theme beyond fake flowers.

Cut out flower shapes into a window blind and watch as the sun shines through and creates patterns on the floor.
Cover everything, including your wall, photo frame, lamp, sofa, coffee table and rug in the same fabric and see how everything seems to disappear and blend into one.