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Creativity on the go: an artist’s trolley

01 May 2016

Why settle for one creative workspace when you can have several? Artist Justin prefers spontaneity. ‘My painter’s trolley means I can work wherever the light or mood takes me,’ he says. ‘Like a quiet corner or even my balcony.’ He shares his tips. 

A painter’s trolley makes Justin’s studio more mobile

‘I see my entire home as a studio space, not just one room. I don’t believe in limiting creativity to one place or time of day’
Justin, artist, China

Prepare your art essentials

Prepare your painting essentials

Centre your mind by clearing away clutter and only surrounding yourself with the things that help you work. ‘Wherever I set up to paint, I always take a few minutes to make sure I have the right atmosphere for being creative. Putting out paints and plants is like a small ritual.’

Set the scene for creativity

Focus your attention

Get to know how you work best, then go for it. Do you prefer music or silence? Do you like an inspiring view or the blank canvas of a plain background? ‘When I’m immersed in a painting, that picture is the only thing I like to have in my field of vision.’

Justin’s trolley means he can follow the light around his home

Move with your mood

Once you’ve set yourself up somewhere, don’t feel you have to stay put. If you fancy a change of scenery or conditions, you’re free to wheel yourself to a new spot! ‘I tend to follow the light, working by different windows depending on the time of day.’

Portrait of Justin

‘Taking a flexible approach to creativity at home isn’t just liberating, it’s even made me more productive!’

Made by

Photography: Lina Ikse
Styling: Ashlyn Gibson