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Creative diy ideas: turn storage into art

01 February 2015

‘Create a wow statement by making your storage disappear! Use this simple yet creative method to make functional pieces of furniture a little more discreet’ Sam Grigg, stylist

View of room with matching wall and storage unit personalised with nature-inspired PREMIAR picture. Man relaxing on sofa.
Focus on nature-inspired PREMIAR picture of trees, cut to size of chest of drawers.

‘Once you’ve mounted one picture on the wall, place the storage unit in front. Mark out the corresponding sections on the second picture, then carefully remove the print from its frame. Cut the sections roughly to scale, allowing slightly more than you need.’

Close up of chest of drawers with nature-inspired PREMIAR picture of trees fixed to drawers.

‘Hold the sections up in front of the drawer fronts and cut them again. The key here is to look and look again, and measure as you go. But it’s no big deal if it’s slightly out.’

Close up man fixing a section of a nature-inspired picture of trees to the chest of drawers.

‘Use double-sided sticky tape or glue to attach your sections, taking time to match up the pattern for a crisp finish.’

Instructions for how to fix pictures on to the storage unit to create an original and beautiful piece.

‘Fold the printed canvas neatly around the corners and edges. Don’t forget about the top and insides too – that way your storage unit still looks lovely even without books on the shelves.’ 

Man fixing neon drawer pull to personalised storage.

‘Adding bright touches, such as neon-painted drawer pulls, is a nice way to modernise the whole look. It gives an edge to soft, nature-inspired prints and colour palettes.’ 

‘With a little love and care, you can turn a piece of storage furniture into a beautiful and artistic installation’

Sam Grigg, stylist

‘Express your creativity by finding new ways to personalise furniture and make functional pieces your own’

Sam Grigg, stylist