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Creative diy ideas: transform your bin

01 February 2015

‘Bins, especially recycling bins, can look a bit boring,’ says stylist Sam Grigg. ‘But with a bit of paint and a stencil you can create something you want to show off rather than hide away.’ 

View of customised black KNODD bin on AKERKULLA rug with pattern wallpaper in background.

‘In one afternoon, you can turn something purely functional into a personal, decorative statement’

Sam Grigg, stylist

View of bright colour paint pots and stencil design.

‘Choose a stencil design that suits your taste or complements your décor – you can buy them online. Remember to use paint that works on metal. You could unscrew the handle if it makes painting the centre of the lid easier.’ 

Stenciling the design on to the black KNODD bin lid with a small sponge.

‘You could use a stencil brush, but I find that a sponge works better for applying the paint. It doesn’t matter if it smudges a bit – that creates a lovely handmade feel. If you prefer a more precise look, you could use spray paint.’ 

 View of black KNODD bin lid in process of being personalised with paint.

‘The paint dries quite quickly, so you could complete the whole project in two or three hours. You don’t have to do a massive design either, you could start with a little one instead and add to it over time.’ 

Sam Grigg, stylist

‘A black bin shows off colour in a gorgeous way, but you could do something lovely with a cream one too’

Sam Grigg, stylist