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Create three fairytale toyhouses from everyday furniture

01 October 2014

See the world through your child’s eyes. Turn your everyday furniture into magical homes for toys that inspire, enliven and excite your child’s imagination and creativity.

A bookshelf used as a toyhouse and filled with toys. LED strip lights light up each compartment and there is blind hanging over the front at the top with windows cut into it. There is a child’s desk and lamp to the left.
fairytale toyhouse

The bookshelf castle

There’s plenty of room for everyone in the bookshelf castle. The horses are eating hay in their stables. The Finger Puppet family is having a garden party. The knights are practicing their sword fighting and Mr Fox is standing guard, just in case the castle ghost comes back. 

The cupboard house

Behind the closed doors of this wall cupboard lives a family of toys. During the day they play with the doors open and when the sun is shining they like to walk down the steps and play out in the open. But when it’s time for bed, they close the doors for a little peace and quiet. You don’t even know they’re there. And they’re blissfully unaware of you too.

A whole new world can be hiding behind closed doors or drawers. Open up and see.

A pink chest of drawers against a wall with the shape of a house drawn above. A heart light hangs at the top of the ‘house’ and dolls are hanging from wall storage pockets and their clothes are hanging from a wall storage line.

The in-drawer apartment

Home is where the heart is. That’s certainly true for these lucky dolls. They’ve just moved into their dream apartment. It’s equipped with stylish [Asset Included (Id:1364301457624;Type:Link_C)]; it has six beds; a large open wardrobe and plenty of space for play.