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Cooking together with friends

03 April 2017

The kitchen is a great place to come together to try exciting new recipes. But if cooking isn’t your strong suit, fear not, there’s room for all sorts of skills. Whether you’re a super-quick slicer or a born entertainer, there’s plenty you can bring to the table.


"In a shared kitchen, a social island is just what you need. Here it provides enough space for everyone in the house to cook, talk, work and relax, all in the same place, and without getting in the way of each other."
Clotilde Passalacqua, IKEA Interior Design Leader

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Salads are way more exciting when you make them together. When it comes to healthy ingredients, grow your own greens with the KRYDDA GROW KIT and get apple wedges in a flash with the speedy SPRITTA apple slicer. Or, why not warm things up by toasting some walnuts in the non-stick OUMBÄRLIG pan.

A hot curry is a dish everyone can stir up together and will be sure to spice up the evening. Keep your recipe where the whole gang can see it, propped up on the GRIMAR tablet holder, whilst you get prepping your vegetables with the easy grip APTITLIG chopping board. Finally, let the fragrant spices come to life in the IKEA 365+ PAN.

Kickstart your day by preparing a breakfast of champions together. Sizzle up some bacon without frying your fingers with the HJÄLTE tweezers. Let your partner show off their barista skills and make a creamy cappuccino with the PRODUCKT milk frother. And to add a touch of elegance to the morning, share some freshly squeezed orange juice in the IKEA 365+ carafe.

There’s nothing that feeds a hungry mob quite like a home-made shepherds pie, and with the large, extra-durable VARDAGEN pie dish, you can rest assured there’s always enough to go round. And when the mashing is done, pop the VARDAGEN masher into the dishwasher, so you can spend less time washing up and more time having fun together.

  • Make more than just food

    Make more than just food

    When it comes to cooking together we've got a talent we can bring to the table. What is your kitchen calling?