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Bedroom of a stylist - part 4

01 August 2016

We’ve given some of our favourite stylists free reign over the last couple of months to design their dream bedrooms. In this final edition we’re looking at Cecilia’s colourful ode to travel and togetherness. 

Come take a look into one of our stylist’s dream bedroom setups.
IKEA stylist and art director Cecilia Höglund
Often when we’re describing ‘what is a bedroom?’ the words ‘calm’ or maybe ‘sanctuary’ come to mind quickest. But for art director and stylist Cecilia Höglund, concentrating just on the restful aspects is leaving out the potential for getting more out of the room.
“Sleeping is only one of many activities I want to be able to enjoy in my bedroom. I want to use it all hours of the day! For me it’s a room to read, draw, stretch, listen to the radio, meditate, socialise, drink tea and eat popcorn ­— sometimes on the same day.”
Bright coloured furniture and red walls help make this stylist’s dream bedroom.
Style-wise Cecilia’s biggest influence comes from her love of colour, music and travel.
“We’re a family of multi-national music and art obsessives who travel quite a bit. Living in Sweden, the winters are soo dark and grey. A colourful home with reminders of warmer places compensates for that.”
When using bold colours Cecilia offers this advice.
“I don’t make rules. But I have always been very much into matching. The trick for me is to choose 4-6 colours and stick religiously to them. One or two colours makes the base, one is the accent colour and the rest are supporting colours.” 
layered textiles and rugs help give this bedroom it’s distinctive look.
To add more layers to the room’s look Cecilia likes to work with layered textiles with different colours and patterns.
“I find it visually stimulating and a fun challenge to mix textiles and rugs with different patterns and textures as well.  I live by the saying “more is more” and I think there’s something about layering rugs that brings more depth to the room. At home I often swap rugs around and re adjust them each time I clean up for a new feel and look.”

“Living in Sweden, the winters are soo dark and grey. A colourful home with reminders of warmer places works as a small compensation!” 

Cecilia Höglund, stylist

A textile canopy helps give this stylist’s bedroom its distinctive look.

Moving over to the bed. Cecilia pushed together two 140cm bases for a luxuriously large lie in space, that also was practical for her family life.

“Our three children start the night in their own beds but often come to ours in the early hours. I want them to feel welcome, and for all of us to still have a good nights sleep. So a big sized bed is of great help.”

To bring a cocoon feel to the large bed space she added a canopy made from colourful print textiles.

“The canopy was very easy to make! I took 5 sarongs, and sewed them together at the ends. Then placed four hooks in the ceiling and used nylon thread connected to 4 curtain clips to keep the canopy up.”

A green sofa and masks on the wall help give this dream bedroom it’s own distinctive look
Building on the colours of the room Cecilia adds more context with pillows, masks and art prints that can be updated regularly — or sometimes not...
“As we are several people in the family who produce art work plenty of hanging space is always appreciated. At home temporary and seasonal decorations sometimes get to stay longer than intended!”


Stylist Cecilia Höglund paints a pot with polka dots.
But the biggest dream for Cecilia is to have a bedroom the whole family can be comfortable in and spend the day enjoying each other’s company. 
“Designing for a family space might mean you need a few extra baskets for toys or sofa space to sit and relax. But the payoff is that you can make a room you can enjoy all hours of the day.”
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“Polka dots equals happiness somehow and match everything. Like leopard spots in a jungle.”

Cecilia Höglund, Stylist

Bright textiles, colourful furniture and red walls help give this bedroom its distinctive look.

Made by

Interior designer: Cecilia Höglund
Copywriter: James Rynd
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Editor: Linda Harkell