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8 ways to preserve those summer flavours

01 September 2015

When fruits, vegetables and herbs are ripe for the picking, try our preservation techniques to keep those brilliant summer tastes available to you all year. Get to those blackberries before the birds do!

Extend the life of your herbs by drying them, upside down, in a warm, dry part of your home.

1. herbs can be kept longer

(while keeping their flavour) by drying them out. Just hang them in bundles upside down somewhere warm and dry.

Dry mushrooms away from heat and moisture, store them in an air-tight container and they’ll last for months.

2. drying out mushrooms

Away from heat and moisture actually intensifies their flavour. Once dried put them in an airtight container and they can last for months. Just soak them in water to use them again.

Store some of your favourite honey in sealed jars along with some tasty herbs and spices for you own personalised sweet treat.

3. honey is a great preserver

Just drop in your favourite herbs and spices (we like lavender, rosemary, cinnamon or cloves) to add a delicious flavour kick.

Make your favourite fruits last for ages by preserving them with sugar and pectin in glass jars.

4. making jam

Is a classic way to conserve fruits when they taste their best, plus it’s easy to experiment with different combinations (you could even add some of your herby honey). Just make sure to use sealable jars.

Turn vegetables and spices into a tasty chutney and store it in some attractive sealed glass jars.

5. mastered jam? try chutney

That way you can preserve your veges too, and add a tasty treat to everything from sandwiches to curries

Pickle your favourite vege and fill your cupboards with colour for months.

6. making pickles

Is one of the easiest ways to preserve of all. Just pick a vege then add 1 part vinager, 2 parts sugar and 3 parts water. A couple of hours later they’re ready to eat but if you seal and sterilise your jars they’ll last for years.

Make your own cordial using lemons or elderflower then freeze it so it lasts all summer.

7. save your summer lemonade

By mixing lemon and sugar (elderflower’s nice too!) and then freezing. Then bring back those summer memories by mixing a couple of scoops with some water.

Individually freeze summer berries, then store them in freezer bags ready for personalised summer smoothies.

8. frozen fruit’s fantastically easy

Just pop them in on a tray in the freezer (so they keep their shape) then keep them in freezer bags all set for a summery tasting smoothie.