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6 easy tips for a stress-free family beach day

18 June 2017

Planning a whole day out at the beach with the family might seem like a lot of effort. Get inspired with our six easy tips that let you focus on having a great time together!

Create a stress-free family beach trip by using outdoor furniture in lightweight material that’s made for sun, sea and wind.

1. Share the burden. Carrying everything to and from the beach can be exhausting. Divide the load so everyone can help out and you get to the fun faster. Use different-sized bags like backpacks (perfect for the kids), and take turns wheeling the shopping bag.

Set up your own beach living room in a few minutes by using outdoor furniture that is easy to assemble.

2. Use light and easy furniture. Think portable, rollable, foldable outdoor furniture. It’ll save your back – and take up less transport space. Use the extra energy to build a towering sandcastle with the kids. When you need to take a breather, lay a lounger pad on the sand and grab a snooze.

Keep food preserved and safe during the beach trip by using several sizes of compartments and storage boxes in an insulated bag.

3. Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches. Make sure lunch stays fresh and protected with different-sized storage boxes (zipper bags have a tendency to turn everything to mush). Freeze a couple of fruit juice-filled ice lolly makers to keep drinks cold and pack them up in a handy insulated bag.

Create smart storage for your sensitive gadgets during your beach trip. Use an umbrella and hang them in detachable small bags on hooks.

4. Keep your stuff safe. Create smart storage for your sensitive stuff. Use a parasol to keep things shaded (a digital detox might sound good in theory, but it’s nice to have your gadgets at hand, just in case).

Fix a secluded area on the beach. Just bring a couple of poles and attach a lightweight screen that’s easy to carry and put up.

5. Create privacy. Enlist the kids’ help to make a fantasy ‘kingdom’ with a couple of poles and a balcony screen (sturdier than a parasol when it’s windy). Cut fabric flags at home and let your kids decorate the screen. Check out more ideas on how to reserve a little space outdoors.

Enjoy stress-free beach activities that the whole family can do together, from a bowling tournament to juggling.

6. Set your inner child free.  Go for activities the whole family can enjoy together, from bowling to juggling or hula-hooping and boogying in the sand. It’s time for the adults to forget the stresses and strains of everyday life and just be kids for the day.

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.

Made by

Interior designer: Rita Mestre
Photographer: Kristian Krebs
Writer: Anna Blom