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5 ideas for a travel-inspired interior

01 January 2016

Love travel? Stockholmer Nor is a big traveller – for work, for fun, in groups and often on her own. When we spent a day at her place, we were struck by all the travel finds she’s brought into her one-room apartment and how good it all makes her feel. Try her tips and start bringing the world home.

Bring your travels home with you by collecting special pieces as you go
Create a personal collage of postcards, photos and coasters

Make a display of pictures and memories

Use Washi tape to create a collage on the wall, make a pinboard, or do like Nor and fix your pictures, cool bar coasters and mementoes to the fridge with magnets.

Forget the souvenir shops and collect driftwood, feathers and other special finds instead

Give a home to found objects

Holiday souvenirs don’t have to be bought. Keep your eyes open to special finds, then craft them into something personal for your space – driftwood into a hanging mobile, feathers into dreamcatchers… One of Nor’s favourite travel finds is a rusty black pepper tin she found in the desert at Joshua Tree: ‘I look at it and wonder who had it before, how it ended up out there and I remember who I was with when I found it.’ 

Layer up fabrics from your travels or hang them as art

Make a patchwork of patterns

Just like scent, colour and pattern are effective ways to evoke travel memories. Bring home a textile that catches your eye and weave it into your scheme at home – turn throws into wall hangings, layer up rugs or even frame fragments of material and display as art. 

Buy practical items in your travels – a hat, coat or bag – so you can revisit every day

Buy an everyday essential

If, as they say, ‘you use what you see,’ you could argue that you’re happy to see what you use. When you’re travelling, don’t just pick up ‘special’ things – think about picking up ordinary items like hats, coats and bags, things you use day to day – you’ll be less likely to stash them away in a cupboard.  

A mix of travel curios forms a miniature art collection when grouped together

Collect local curiosities

Flea market-bought apothecary bottles, crystals, Mexican incense sticks called palo santos and curios like Nor’s birds (‘The princess parrot from Cambodia is my favourite, it looks so wise. I don’t buy new taxidermy – all of these are rescued old pieces from the 70s and earlier’)… If, like Nor, the mix of travel mementoes you bring home seems mismatched, turn them into a collection of their own by displaying them together.

A portrait of Nor, PR and communications expert, Stockholm

‘I like to display the things that I find on my travels. I don’t buy souvenirs from gift shops, I like things that have a story. The story makes it special to me’ 

Nor, PR and communications expert, Stockholm

Made by

Photography: Polly Wreford
Styling: Sam Grigg