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1 living room, 3 functions

24 October 2016

The living room: it’s where it all goes down. Entertaining, relaxing, eating, you name it. For all the ways you live your life, it can be nice to switch up your living room’s function. So we decided to create a few distinct looks in the same exact room, making it easy for you to make small or major changes when you’re ready to focus on something new.

The zen den

A couple of day beds in place of sofas, warm tones and natural materials all help to create an atmosphere of total relaxation. Throw in some pillows, a canopy for a cosy, private space, and extra stools for guests, but make sure to leave plenty of space to roll out your yoga mat.

A living room is styled as a home movie theater.

The screening room

If you spend most of your time in the living room indulging your inner cinephile, why deny it? Make the most of your space with big, comfy chairs that recline, blackout curtains and a picture ledge to show off your favourite flicks.

The people pleaser

If you’ve got a family with lots of different interests, you know how frustrating it can be when one person wants to watch tv while another wants to paint. Consider a modular sofa that can be placed in the middle of the room (we chose VALLENTUNA). What to do with all the leftover wall space? Maximize it with lots of storage and a tv on a full-motion wall mount for flexibility.

Made by

Interior designer: Nina Parkeborn & Fredrik Biel
Digital designer: Cecilia Englund
Copywriter: Vanessa Algotsson
Photographer: Daniel Wester
Editor: Linda Harkell