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Design the perfect space. Imagine That!

Scan and design your own space to bring IKEA 3D products into your home, in mixed reality, or start in one of our 50+ virtual showrooms.

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Your shopping experience, simplified

Step into a world of home inspiration

Explore our virtual showrooms. Try empty or furnished spaces, and design them with the IKEA products you love.

Start designing

Scan & design your space

Use IKEA App to capture a wide-angle, scale-accurate, replica of your room. Design your space in-app or on the web; add, move, or swap furniture, accessorize, and even digitally "erase" old furniture for a clean slate.

Scan your room

Bring your design home

When you’re happy with your design, add everything to your cart and check out easily online. Or save it to a shopping list pick it up at your local IKEA store!

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Get started with the IKEA app

Download IKEA App, and use the new scanning capabilities to capture a wide-angle, scale-accurate, view of any room in your house. Design it with IKEA products in App or on the Web.

Explore virtual showrooms

Furnished rooms

Unfurnished rooms

Partly furnished rooms

Learn more

  • IKEA Kreativ helps you bring your interior dreams to life. Scan and design a room to bring IKEA 3D products into your home in mixed reality, or start in one of our 50+ virtual showrooms.

    To save your creations all you need is an account.

  • To get started you'll need:

    • an iPhone with iOS 14.0 and above.
    • the IKEA app.
    Already have the app on your phone? Check here for detailed steps

    * Do you have an Android device? Don’t worry, support for Android is coming soon!

  • Yes, you can scan any room in your house! However, the current design experience has been optimized for living and bedroom spaces.

    In the IKEA App you can add furniture and rugs. In the web experience, you can add furniture, wall décor, accessories, and rugs.

    Here are just a few of the pieces you can combine by room type:

    • Living Room
      • Sofas, accent chairs, coffee tables, TV stands, rugs
    • Bedroom
      • Bed frames, dressers, nightstands, lamps, rugs
    • Dining room
      • Dining tables, dining chairs, décor
    • Home Office
      • Desks, chairs, drawer units, rugs
  • Try different ideas and compare what works best in your home. Once you find a look that you like, you can: save and name your design ideas; add products to your shopping bag or to your favorites list.

Plan the details

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Looking for our planner tools?

Choose from a variety of tools to customise our systems and modular furniture, or plan a kitchen or bathroom.