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Groups & moods

What is a light group?

A light group is two or more bulbs controlled by the same steering device.

Is it possible to group TRÅDFRI light bulbs?

Yes, you can group your light bulbs in the TRÅDFRI app (connected to a TRÅDFRI gateway). You can also create a group of light bulbs (up to 10) that belong to one steering device (remote control, wireless dimmer or motion sensor). 

I want to have the new light bulb in a different group than my previous ones connected but I only have one steering device.

You can use your steering device to add more light bulbs to your IKEA Smart lighting system, and then create a new group in your TRÅDFRI app.

What is a Smart lighting mood?

A mood is a set of colour and brightness parameters that you can apply to a group of lights. Many moods can be associated with a group. For example, a living room can have a warmer light for dinner and a brighter/cooler light for working.

Can I change my mood settings?

You can’t change the IKEA default moods, but you can create and change your own mood settings.

How many groups and moods can be created in the TRÅDFRI app?

There is no limit to how many moods or groups you can create in the TRÅDFRI app.
However, you can connect up to 100 devices to TRÅDFRI gateway and in each group you can have a maximum of 10 light sources and 1 input device (remote, wireless dimmer, etc.). Following this logic, if a person has the maximum of devices (11) in each group, the maximum number of groups will be 9.