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Removal & recycling


Bed and mattress recycling - €40 per item.

Lowering environmental impact

We've partnered with a number of charities who will try to give your old furniture a new life with local families in need of some support. If not reusable, the furniture will be disassembled and recycled with the lowest environmental impact.

Terms and Conditions apply

*Service is not available when shopping online. For more information please see in-store.

Product recycling fund (prf)

In accordance with the WEEE Regulations, we can collect your old appliances free on a like for like, one for one basis. if you want to use this option, let us know when you place your order in-store and at the home delivery service.

  • If you are having a large electrical appliance delivered we will give you at least 24 hours notice of delivery of the new appliance, and at the same time offer to take away the old disconnected appliance, on the same day.
  • We will collect your disconnected appliance when delivering the new one and we will give you 24 hours notice to prepare it. If you don't wish to disconnect your appliance in time and therefore we will not be able to collect it, you can return it to the store for recycling.