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Home Planner License Agreements

IKEA home planner (the "tool")

Dear User,
The IKEA companies ("we") are pleased to see that you are about to make use of the Tool. In order to access and use the Tool, you have to install a software module (the "3D Viewer") that allows you to view the Tool on your computer. Since the Tool consists of various software and material for which the intellectual property rights are vested in companies in the IKEA Group, or other third parties having granted specific rights of use for such software and material to IKEA, we must lay down certain terms for your installation and use of the Tool. If you want to continue installing the 3D Viewer, please tick the check box below stating "I have read and agreed to the license agreement", to confirm your understanding and acceptance of the license agreement. If you do not tick said check box, you will exit install of the 3D Viewer and you are then not permitted to install or use the Tool.
Terms of installation and use You may:
- Install one copy of the 3D Viewer on your personal computer; and
- Use the Tool for personal information purposes and for its designated use as a tool for interior planning as well as make print-outs of the result from such use.
You may not:
- Install, copy or use the Tool – or any material included therein – in excess of what is explicitly set out above;
- Sublicense, sell, rent, lease, distribute or otherwise transfer the Tool to third party, nor electronically transfer the Tool from one computer to another or over a network, nor – the aforesaid to apply also in respect of any material included in the Tool;
- Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, amend, modify, develop, translate, attempt to access any source code of software, or create any derivative works (except as explicitly permitted above) from the Tool – or any material included therein;
- Use any part of the Tool or any material included therein separated from the remainder of the Tool, either on a stand alone-basis or in conjunction with any software or data not forming part of the Tool;
- Use the Tool to develop any software or other technology having the same primary function as the Tool, including but not limited to using the Tool in any development or test procedure that seeks to develop like software or other technology, or to determine if such software or other technology performs in a similar manner as the Tool;
- Use the Tool – or any material included therein – for any kind of commercial purposes whatsoever; or
- Permit any third party to do or make any of the aforementioned.
You are also informed, and agree to, that:
- The Tool, including its content as well as its function, is provided "as is" and we disclaim – on behalf of ourselves and any grantor of rights in relation to any software and material included therein, as well as any entity distributing the Tool to you – any and all, express or implied, warranties or representations with regard to the Tool and any material included therein and any results of your use thereof, including drawings resulting from your use of the Tool and any data entered into the Tool by either you or by any IKEA company, including but not limited to performance, correctness, fitness for a particular purpose or infringement of third party intellectual property rights; and
– We – on behalf of ourselves and any grantor of rights in relation to any software and material included therein, as well as any entity distributing the Tool to you – disclaim any and all liability towards you under any applicable law for damages, costs, disbursements etc. of any kind arising out of your use of the Tool, including but not limited to damage to your computer equipment, loss of data, inability to use the Tool as well as any indirect, special, consequential or similar damage.
Other information
In case you have any questions regarding the Tool or these terms of installation and use, please contact your nearest IKEA Store or IKEA Customer Service, as designated on the IKEA web-site for your country.