Wind & sun shields

Sunshine and summer warmth is wonderful, especially if you're relaxing in the cool shade under a canopy. The fabrics on our canopies give you very good protection from UV rays, and they are water repellant too, so you don't need to worry about any unexpected rain showers when you're taking a nap.

What is a canopy?

A canopy is a large piece of fabric that helps to shelter you from the elements when you’re in your garden. They’re extremely easy to hang up and install, giving you shade and a spot safe from the rain in seconds. A canopy can be especially useful above an outdoor dining table or lounge chair.

Our garden canopies come with 6 snap hooks, 3 springs and a 15-meter cord, so fastening them shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t have anywhere suitable to attach a canopy, we have other wind and sunshields for you to choose from. Want some extra privacy in your garden or around your balcony? Check out our selection of privacy screens that can be fastened to a rail or in the ground.

What are canopies made of?

As they’re built to offer protection against the sun, wind and rain, canopies are often made from durable materials. For example, polyester is both water resistant and can protect against the sun’s UV rays.

All our canopies are made of 100% polyester and have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 25+, which blocks 96% of the ultraviolet radiation. Meaning you can sit back and relax under your canopy without worrying about getting sunburnt.

Are canopies waterproof?

A canopy can be waterproof if it’s made completely from waterproof material. However, most aren’t, as there’s a risk that they can look like tarpaulin.

Our canopies aren’t waterproof, but they are water repellent. You won’t need to worry about a sudden rain shower disturbing an outdoor family dinner or barbeque. However, a heavy downpour might cause some water to start leaking through. So choose wisely when napping outside…

How to make a garden canopy?

You might think that a garden canopy is just a piece of fabric held up by ropes, but there’s more to consider if you’re thinking about building your own.

You’ll need material that can withstand wear and tear from the elements and protect you against both UV rays and rain.

Then, you’ll need something to fasten the canopy with. If you’re able to add some reinforced holes to the fabric, you can use ropes to tie it up. To make it easier to stretch out the fabric, we recommend you add hooks and springs to the ropes. This will help to prevent the canopy from flapping around or coming loose during windy weather.

Building your own canopy only requires a few materials, but it can be difficult to find suitable fabric, ropes, hooks and springs. If you want to avoid the hassle of looking for all the parts separately, we’ve got you covered with our stylish garden canopies.