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SUNNERSTA kitchens

SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen – flexible and affordable

SUNNERSTA unit kitchen is easy to bring home and assemble, so you can start cooking in no time. It’s just perfect for small spaces and small budgets. Plus, you can add on hooks, shelves, containers on rails and trolleys for more storage.

A SUNNERSTA kitchen in a dark blue room, with a window, and white table, a hanging pendant lamp and white storage boxes.
A SUNNERSTA kitchen organiser set holding clean bowls and plates, with a container hanging from the side with scissors.
A white SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen against a dark grey wall, with white shelves on top holding pots and pans in stainless steel.
A white SUNNERSTA trolley holding glass jars, bottles, vases and pots standing between a SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen and a door.
A white SUNNERSTA shelf with a salt and pepper shaker standing on top of it and with a rail with hooks below.