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Outdoor furniture covers

You can’t control the weather, but with garden furniture covers you can keep dirt and damp away, whatever the elements throw at you. You’ll find a waterproof cover to fit anything from a parasol to a full garden dining set, leaving you ready to roll the second the sun breaks through the clouds.

Why should I protect my garden furniture? 

Outdoor furniture is resistant to general wear and tear, and to a degree, different types of weather. But it’s not indestructible. Over time, wet and windy conditions can start to cause damage. That’s why it’s essential to protect your outdoor furniture to help make it last longer. 

With a few sprays of waterproof garden furniture protection, you can keep your outdoor dining table or sofa looking good all year round. Want even more protection? Our garden furniture covers guard against damage from rain, sun, dirt, dust and pollen. 

The best way to protect your wood furniture is to store it inside, somewhere dry. We know that might not be an option for everyone, so you can use a waterproof cover instead to protect against wind and rain. 

As well as weather protection, you also need to take care of the wood surface. To prevent mould or mildew infestations, simply clean and brush down your furniture every few weeks. It’s also important to re-stain the wood once or twice a year, since this provides additional protection against the wood drying out and cracking.  

What garden furniture protection do I need? 

To protect your furniture, keep it dry and keep it covered whenever it’s not in use. You need a cover that wraps your furniture from top to bottom, otherwise it won’t be effective. At IKEA we have a wide range of covers to help you protect all sorts of outdoor furniture. 

Protection for dining sets 

For outdoor dining furniture, we’ve got protection that can shield your table and chairs at the same time. Got a two-seater? A small cover will fit perfectly. For table sets that can hold up to eight seats, take one of our larger covers instead. 

Protection for sun loungers and sofas 

A sun lounger is a great spot for relaxing in the garden, but the sun doesn’t always shine when you want it to. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your lounger inside and only bring it out when it’s perfect sunbathing weather. An easier way to protect your loungers while they’re outside is to use furniture covers. The same goes for your outdoor sofa. 

At IKEA, you’ll find outdoor furniture covers that are specially made for these types of furniture. They are easy to take out and fit on your furniture whenever you’re expecting rain.     

Protection for cushions and other textiles 

With a handy storage box or bag, you can keep your outdoor sofa cushions, pillows and blankets safely stored away when they’re not in use. During the autumn and winter months, store the box inside in a cool and dry place. 

How to keep the furniture cover in place? 

Furniture covers don’t weigh a lot, so it only takes one strong gust of wind and they’re off! To prevent flyaway mishaps, some of our covers come with hook-and-loop straps. If the style of cover you like doesn’t have this, you can easily tuck the corners and edges of the cover underneath the furniture whenever it’s windy. 

Can I clean my garden furniture cover? 

All the garden furniture covers available from IKEA can be washed. Simply clean your cover by hand and let it air dry out before using it again. You can read more in the care instructions section of each product.