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Cookware & tableware

Love to cook? Or do you just love to eat? We have everything that you need for cooking, baking, serving and eating all in one place. These kitchen and dining essentials help make everyday meals quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

'Tis the season for holiday baking

Delicious smells, a warm kitchen and homemade bread or chocolate cake to look forward to. Baking is creative fun that kids and grown-ups love to share. And with the right tools like non-stick tins and pastry cutters in lots of interesting shapes, you’re all set to mix, bake, decorate and eat.

Christmas baking

A pot full of deliciousness

Who says dinner parties have to be formal? Keep it simple with a one-pot meal and you can spend more time socialising with your guests and less time in the kitchen.

See all cookware
See all cookware
An IKEA 365+ Pressure cooker placed on a induction hob.

How to save energy while cooking

Find here steamer inserts, pressure cookers, food containers and useful tips that will help you to keep your food fresh and tasty, reduce your energy bills and spare precious time while cooking. 

Learn more energy saving tips

Discover some of our most popular series

IKEA 365+ cookware series – Cookware for all occasions
IDEALISK series – Durable and reliable stainless-steel utensils
IKEA 365+ food storage series – Reliable storage for ingredients and leftovers
KORKEN series – Glass jars for preserving and displaying
VARDAGEN cookware series – Traditional cast iron cookware
RINNIG series – Organising the area around the sink

New kitchen accessories colour your kitchen tasty

These affordable kitchen accessories make preparing food cool, colourful and quick. Perfect for smart and easy grating, mixing and salad making. They are fun, bright and eye-catching, bounce right back if you drop them and dishwasher safe too. Use them, wash them, stow them away for next time.

See the UPPFYLLD series
UPPFYLLD graters in different colours, some avocados and cheese and a FÄRGKLAR bowl and a GLADELIG bowl with food.
An UPPFYLLD salad spinner in white with the lid placed balanced on the side, the item is full of mixed salad.
An UPPFYLLD funnel in bright yellow placed in the neck of a KORKEN bottle with stopper in clear glass, liquid in the bottle.
Some UPPFYLLD fruit cutters in a set of four in mixed colours, a person’s hands cutting an apple with the fruit cutter.
An UPPFYLLD colander in bright green sitting in a sink, the colander contains green beans and there is water pouring in.
See the UPPFYLLD series

The kitchen collection that gives your kitchen flavour

Everything from jars, bottles and chopping boards to gift bags and napkins, and even a colourful apron to make sure you stay as neat and tasty as your kitchen. This kitchen collection is your recipe for coordinated cooking.

See the KRÖSAMOS collection
A kitchen with a DALFRED barstool in black and storage with VOXTORP doors with oak effect and lots of KRÖSAMOS items.
A KRÖSAMOS chopping board in walnut with an IKEA 365+ knife and mushrooms, a KRÖSAMOS bottle in black and diverse items.
A person in a KRÖSAMOS apron in multicolour standing by a VADHOLMA kitchen island in black and oak with a KRÖSAMOS bottle.
Shelving holding KRÖSAMOS jars with lids in red-brown and various other clear glass and coloured KRÖSAMOS jars and bottles.
A VADHOLMA kitchen island in black and oak, KRÖSAMOS gift bags in mixed colour and a KRÖSAMOS jar with lid in red-brown.
See the KRÖSAMOS collection